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About us

.NET is one of the fastest growing and most exciting programming stacks of our time. However, it can be hard to stay in the loop without some extra help. This is why we created .NET Ketchup, a place to catch up on the latest .NET news from all around the world. .NET Ketchup is not just a weekly list of .NET articles, but a content aggregator for all things related to .NET.

We search the internet for various trending content and index, categorise and present it in a beautiful and distraction free way. Our web spider crawls the internet for topics related to .NET, such as C#, F#, VB.NET and many other .NET related fields including ASP.NET, Blazor, Xamarin and more. We search for blog posts, interesting discussions, social media posts, podcasts, videos and other content such as trending Git repos or conference material.

Most content is automatically indexed and only occasionally checked by a human before being made public. We believe that if we only index widely shared content that the majority of the quality control has already been done by the .NET community itself. Our web spider is indiscriminate and is being constantly improved over time. Our goal is to find the most relevant .NET content to developers who would like to stay in the loop and present it to them in the most accessible way!

If you find any issues or have questions for us then please contact us on mustard@dotnetketchup.com.


Why .NET Ketchup?

No particular reason. We thought ".NET Ketchup" is more memorable than ".NET Catch-Up" due to its oddity. However, if you want you can still visit dotnetcatchup.com and arrive at the same place :).

How are you different to other aggregators?

Most programming newsletters are a hand picked list of blog posts and articles which the creator of the newsletter considered worth sharing. .NET Ketchup is different in two significant ways:

  1. First we don't hand pick items ourselves. An automated spider searches and collects content which was shared by the .NET community itself. This means that we don't decide what is worth sharing but the collective of the online .NET community does.
  2. Secondly we collect all kinds of interesting content. It could be anything from a blog post to a podcast or even an online discussion where people share relevant experience in regards to .NET.

Are you affiliated with Microsoft?

Nope, this is a community project by passionate .NET developers who have no relationship with Microsoft whatsoever. We have built .NET Ketchup primarily for ourselves and thought it would be cool to share with the rest of the .NET community as well.

How do you select blog posts?

There is no simple answer to this question. We apply different selection criteria to different sources of blog posts and other content. For example, blog posts which come directly from an official Microsoft source (marked by the Microsoft logo ) have a lower threshold to be selected than let's say a blog post which was found on Twitter or Reddit. Some blogs have a higher page rank than others or have a higher subscriber number in feed readers, which might help but does not guarantee selection. The other important thing to note is that we are constantly reviewing and tweaking the search algorithm which could mean that what is true today might not be true tomorrow.

If you find low quality content or you think that we have missed something fundamentally important then please do not hesitate to contact us on mustard@dotnetketchup.com and we will review your suggestion. We know that we are far from perfect and we welcome any kind of feedback which can help us to improve the quality of .NET Ketchup!

How can I submit my blog?

You cannot - that is the short answer. If there is an exceptional situation where very relevant content has not been automatically picked up by our spider then we might reserve the right to hand pick a few items ourselves, but this has never happened so far. In general we refuse to manually collect any content as it would be subject to our own bias which we would like to avoid. The best way to get your content listed here is by being widely shared by the community itself.

Are there other Ketchup websites?

No, not at the moment and to be honest we also don't have any plans to build something similar for other programming platforms any time soon. We think the secret in finding quality content is to have a really good understanding of the community and decades old experience in developing with .NET. We wouldn't be able to replicate this for a platform for which we have very little experience with.

Will you open source the project?

Maybe in the future but not in the near term. Open sourcing a project can mean many different things to different people and we think that going open source can lead to many wrong expectations and therefore deep dissatisfaction. At the moment we don't want to open source our work because we don't want people to game our spider and we also don't want to open ourselves up to people's individual interpretations of what we should and shouldn't be doing. If things settle in the future and we have established a strong foundation then we might consider open sourcing some or perhaps even all of our work.

Do you offer an RSS feed or a weekly newsletter?

We don't have a newsletter at the moment but you can subscribe to our RSS feed instead.

Are you on social media?

Yes, you can follow us on Twitter @dotnetketchup.